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Cost of Wood Pellets Will Keep Coming Down


As an alternative source of fuel, biomass is one of the favorite. Biomass is used to manufacture pellets that can be used in boilers or pellet stoves. Pellets are highly combustible organic matter, cylindrical in shape, made through a process called pelletizing. The process involves the use of pellet making machine which compresses the biomass into the cylindrical shape characterized in pellets. Pellets can be made from a variety of organic waste such as wood shavings, straws and even grass. So after mowing the lawns, you can collect that grass and use it to make yourself some pellets.

This is the first reason why the cost of wood pellets will keep coming down. The readily available material to make pellets mean that almost everybody has a source of raw materials necessary to make pellets. It’s almost like having your own private oil rig. On top of this, pellet making machines are becoming more and more available to the common home owner. Companies are making smaller and more portable pellet mills that can be operated from home. You can now collect the raw material, prepare the raw material and make your own pellets in a space of two days. This brings us to the third point that of reducing cost of wood pellets in the future. When it comes to preparing the biomass for the pelletizing process, all that you need to do is dry the biomass so that it loses up to 75% of its moisture. Natural sunlight can do this or a dryer can do the same. All these processes will consume less than a third of your utility bill which means that you will never have to spend the same amount again when it comes to heating your home.