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Small Set of Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine Exported to France

Lately, a small set of rice husk pellet making machine ordered by our French customer finished manufacturing and is ready for shipping. This order included the following equipment:

  • ZLSP-R 250B Pellet Machine 
  • 11kW Rice Husk Crusher 

Over 50 percentage of the world population consumes paddy rice as one staple food and it is cultivated by over 20% of world population that covered 1% of the earth's surface. The worldwide paddy rice production had been expanding consistently on a normal rate of 16.48 million tons over the most recent 10 years, with the production of 2011 around 718.3 million tons, esteeming around 240 billion US dollar. The primary paddy rice production districts are China, Egypt and Cuba, which adds to 27.51%, 0.63% and 0.77% of the worldwide paddy rice production. Paddy rice averagely is comprised of 72 % of rice, 5-8 % of wheat, and 20-22 percent of husk. Rice husks are one of the fundamental by-results of paddy rice production, which is a potential material, and is the theme of today.
rice husk pellet making machine
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