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What blocks the development of biomass energy?

Main problems which blocks development of biomass energy

Industrial model

  • First, the industrial management model is relatively backward, the capital flow is relatively single, and the investment risk cannot be effectively reduced.
  • Second, the industrial project model needs to be further improved to stimulate the policy of attracting small projects in order to effectively reduce the actual operating costs, simplify the project operation process.
  • Third, the enterprise management business model has greater defects, can not carry out scientific and effective technical specifications and the corresponding raw materials system evaluation, keep biodiesel out of the fuel transportation system.

Technical barriers

biomass pellets

The biogas engineering in our country is relatively backward in equipment and technology compared with the developed countries, and the fermentation process form is single, most of the biogas is fermented by wet method, and the biogas produced can not realize high value utilization. Most of the ethanol brewing techniques are still made from grain, and the fermentation efficiency is low, the fermentation time is long, the utilization ratio of raw materials is low and the ethanol concentration is low. The application of cellulose to the production of fuel ethanol can not overcome the disadvantages of high production cost, long reaction time and complex process operation.

Policy suggestions on promoting the development of biomass energy 

Accelerate the construction of the biomass energy industry chain. There are many links in the process of production and development of biomass energy, including technology research and development, energy conversion and marketing of biomass energy, all of which together form the whole biomass energy industrial chain. In order to improve the production efficiency of the industrial chain and maximize the economic benefits, the effective layout and coordination of the units in the whole industrial chain are carried out.
what is biomass energy

To enhance the diversification of biomass energy products and research on the diversity of raw materials and market demand for the development of biomass energy technologies, so that biomass energy technologies must move towards comprehensive utilization of resources and diversification of products. High potential by-products and waste must be reused in order to effectively improve the efficiency of biomass energy utilization.

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