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Indian customers visit GEMCO pellet machine manufacturers

At 20 o'clock in the evening of 2018-11-15, Liu Wenhui of the third department of GEMCO Machinery received a customer from India. In the face of the black wind and the cold, all the people involved in the reception are ready. Manager Gao and Guo stayed behind because of the part-time “bus driver” and waited to send the staff to go home. Manager Zhao was responsible for coordinating the arrangement of vehicles, and the conference room was also postponed. Xiaobai had to test the machine and prepare the material machine in advance; no full-time driver, Chen Xiaodong take the initiative to drive customers to pick up and drop off...
Finally, the customer was successfully connected to the factory, and first went to the workshop to show the customer the test machine of the wood chip machine ZLSP150B. The pellets were well formed, the output was ideal, and the customer was very satisfied. After the test machine was over, the customer had another problem: to burn the particles on site. Since there was no such situation, the density of the particles was large and it was not good to ignite at first. Later, Liu Wenhui, Chen Xiaodong and Xiaobai tried to use oil to sprinkle on the fabric, and then to ignite the particles. In short, after various bumps and efforts, the customer was very satisfied with the burning effect. Next, we went to the conference room to talk about the price, and the customer finally ordered a ZLSP150B trial.
The factory is busy at 10 o'clock in the evening, because the customer has to catch the train, help buy a train ticket to the station, accompany the customer to eat, etc., after the end is already more than 11 o'clock in the middle of the night, the temporary driver of the small Dong back My family is nearing the early hours of the morning... The hardest is to count our salesmen, to worry about all the details, hard work, and thank you again for all the colleagues who provided selfless assistance for the reception!

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