If you want to make the high quality wood pellets with less ash, and your material is the fresh log or dried log, it is time to select a debarker to remove the bark by our machine.

Debarker machine for wood pellet making:

Raw material according to different requirements and the difference of the diameter of a single roller and a double roll models. The log debarker machine is the use of the teeth with a ladder-type rotor stripping produced a unique force, the wood segment within the silo slot board circular motion a cycle of doing, but also around its own axis to do wood turning motion segment and irregular beating. That timber section and teeth making the non-stop works between the comb plate friction, impact, crush and peel, bark and tree trunks leading fast is broken down and peel, so as to achieve efficient peeling effect.

The log debarker machine has the following characteristics:

  •  using the open groove hopper can be achieved from one end to grab the feed timber machine , and the other materials brought in pipelined operations, to overcome the existing drum roller peeling machines need power feeding , discharging, segmented the disadvantage of the work, greatly improved work efficiency .
  • due to the teeth on the impact of timber segment, not only in the log debarker machine tank timber segment do circular motion and rotation around itself, thus stripping efficiency, on frozen wood, dry wood and hard- skinned species also has a better stripping net rate.
  • strong adaptability of wood, can be of different species, diameter, length and shape of the timber segment peeling, do rotary movement of timber segment and irregular beating, so the curved recess timber segment also with ladder-type stripping teeth nice touch, avoiding the loop peeling machine for timber length, diameter, and bending twigs crops demanding environments such raw material requirements , therefore, the net rate of bending wood stripping principle than other types of models is much higher.
  • due to the huge housing is fixed , so the low energy consumption , low failure rate , maintenance workload is small, vibration and noise is much lower than the drum debarking confidential, floor machines can produce, even without base mounting, easy to use. And can be more convenient access to material supporting the delivery system, reducing the operator's labor intensity, in order to improve production efficiency.

log debarker of wood pellet making machine
Parameter of the debarking machine

Model and specification AKG-MB500 Single roller /Double rollers AKG-MB600 Single roller /Double rollers AKG-MB700 Single roller /Double rollers AKG-MB800 Single roller /Double rollers
Diameter of log (mm) 30-350 30-350 40-400 40-550
Length of log (mm) 500-1500 600-2000 700-2500 800-3000
Maximum camber ≯% 8-10 6-8 6-8 6-8
Overstep height ≯% 50-60 50-60 60-70 70-80
Feeding and outputting method Continuously Continuously Continuously Continuously
Power of main machine (kW) 11/7.5*2 18.5/11*2 22/15*2 30/37
Assist power (kW) 2.2 3.0 3.0 4.0
Main Shaft speed (rpm) 60-80 60-80 70-90 70-90
Working efficiency ≮% Dried wood: 90%
Fresh wood: 95%
Dried wood: 90%
Fresh wood: 95%
Dried wood: 90%
Fresh wood: 95%
Dried wood: 90%
Fresh wood: 95%
Capacity (m³/h) 5-8 8-10 10-12 12-15/20-40
Outer size (mm) 6000×1600×1600 7000×1600×1700 8000×1700×1900 9000×1900×2100
Weight (kg) 3500 4800 5800 7500

log debarker
debarking machine
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