Running plant in Serbia with capacity 2TPH

Our person just back from the installation live at the end of Dec,2012. The plant is located in Vlasotince, 300km from belgrade. This plant was designed from the small log go though the wood chipper, and the chips go to the hopper of hammer mill by conveyors, then crushed as the sawdust. The sawdust go to the drier for drying and to be sure get the right moisture for pelletizing. Pelletizing system adopt 2 pcs pellet press in one line with capacity 1 ton per hour to get the capacity in totally 2tons per hour. This is a wisdom designing cause of the if there are  any problems of one pcs of pellet mill, another mill can work still. No need stop the whole line. After pelletizing, cooler and sifting is necessary to strength the density of the pellet and cleaning the dust in pelletizing. Finally, the packing machine is at the end. We can choose different sizes of the bag for packing also the materials of the bags.
View of outside

Raw materials

Drum chipper

Hammer mill

Belt conveyors


Site of hot blast stove

Pellet press


Packing machine
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