1t/h wood waste pelletizing system at Redruth of Cornwall UK

Raw  material: Wood waste, Biomass, Hard wood,Soft wood
Complet plant: Wood waste pelleting system
Capacity: 1T/H
Area: Redruth of Cornwall UK

Biomass pellet pelletizing system 1T/H

hard wood soft wood Wood waste
Hard wood Soft wood Wood waste after crushing

This is 1t/h biomass pelletizing system line. The raw materials are coming from wood processing factory and off cuts. All these material will be going through slice-crusher----dryer----pellet machine----cooler-----packing to finish the final product. According to clients request we using Slice-crush machine which can reduce cost of investment and occupation area when having crush and slice function. The slice-crusher can process wood chips and wood bar at same time.
Also we using new model dryer which had double-rotor drum can reduce heat lost. In the mean time it is saving fuel.
Of the biomass pelletizing system line, pellet mill adopts gear-driven system facilitating operators to handle it and ensuring personnel safety. The integrated machine including cooler and vibrating sifter immensely saves floor space. On top of it, adopting mimicked computer system, the electronic scale also works together with the thermo-hemming machine for the benefit of efficiently and swiftly weighing and sealing packages.

Adding gear oil Cooler to packing machine
Adding gear oil Cooler to packing machine
Pellet conveyor Pellet mill machine
Pellet conveyor Pellet mill machine
under construction under intallation
under construction under intallation
local workers All engineer
local workers All engineers

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